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Git-based Source Code Management

Issues Management and Jira Integration

Automated Application Testing and Audits

Auto-Deployments and Continuous Delivery

DevSecOps Pipelines with SAST and DAST

Containerized Docker and Kubernetes Deployments

Infrastructure as a Code

Logging, Metrics and Monitoring

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developer productivity

Developer Productivity

DevOps encourages transparency across the whole development process. High-performing, DevOps oriented workplaces foster better employee engagement and loyalty.


Faster Iterations

Teams with DevOps are 2x More likely to recover in 10 minutes or less Average of 28.3 minutes improvement over non-DevOps centric teams as responsibility is shared by both Dev and Ops team,


Deployment Velocity

Organizations are releasing software faster than ever before to keep up with market demand. High performing IT organizations deploy code 30 times more frequently and 200 times faster.

PeerXP Clients
PeerXP Clients