PWSLab Devops Solutions

PWSLab DevOps Solutions to manage multiple application stacks in both Web and Mobile provides you the flexibility to scale easily.

Big Data & Data Science

Streamline complex operations, like managing data-sets, environments and configurations. Delivery faster with consistency.

Machine Learning

Stabilize and streamline the model release process. Build, train and deploy ML applications efficiently and at scale on Kubernetes.

Internet of Things

Automate the development lifecycle from device updates, simulation, continuous delivery to monitoring using a single platform.


PWSLab kubernetes services can cut software development cycles in half and improve resource utilization up to 80% in enterprises.

Mobile Apps

Using PWSLab you can achieve faster delivery of features and new builds which itself makes the entire process more productive.

Web Applications

Easily automate every interaction with the infrastructure from auditing, building, testing, deploying and monitoring.


PWSLab ensures that security becomes an immutable, trackable part of the process without getting in the way.



Businesses can deploy their own Serverless applications on any infrastructure managed through a single UI.

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PWSLab is a single secured solution built for complete Software Development Lifecycle from Design, Development, Testing to Deployments and Monitoring