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Ensure consistency in development and deployment, at any scale with infrastructure automation.

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200% Faster DevOps Lifecycle

From project planning and source code management to CI/CD and monitoring, PWSLab is a single application for the complete DevOps lifecycle.

Deploy an app in 2 minutes!

No more user interaction with live server. Just a click and your app will be deployed with all resources.
Save your time, effort and money with our easy to use PWS Deploy Tool powered by containerization.

Can't believe? Try PWS to deploy a sample application in your favourite stack and see the magic yourself!

Sustainable system for delivering
better software faster

PWSLab is designed to provide an all-in-one service that guides you in building your project, by offering powerful and reliable features from design to deployment

Coordinate early, stay aligned and get more done

Regardless of your process, PWS provides powerful design planning tools to keep everyone synchronized. Collaborate between team members, capture and track all that is being planned.

Productive and efficient workspace for delivery teams

PWS will be your go to application supporting the entire Software Development Life Cycle. It helps teams connect, collaborate and accelerate delivery.
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Easy and continuous code test

With automatic testing and reporting keep yourself updated and ensure the code quality before sending it to the production server.
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Dev and Ops using Containerization

Deploy quickly at massive scale with integrated Docker Container Registry reducing the infrastructure and maintenance costs while accelerating your time to market for new solutions.
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Deliver better software faster and with less risk

Our end to end DevOps approach using CI/CD enables teams to accelerate delivery without compromise.
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Configure your applications and infrastructure

PWSLab comes with built-in Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment, and Continuous Delivery where you can configure pipelines to build, test and deploy applications. The benefits of continuous Integration are huge when automation plays an integral part of your workflow.

Continuous Monitoring

Increase end to end visibility. Whenever there is a change in code, monitor its impact on your production environment. View the performance of your current services from application level down through the entire stack.

Security integrated with development life cycle

Run the static and dynamic security code test in your CI/CD pipelines. You can run a security scan to ensure it does not have any known vulnerability in the environment where your code is shipped.
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PWS works your way

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Join us in the automated journey of software design, development and deployment