DevOps for Serverless Applications

Complete CI/CD pipelines for your serverless applications using PWSLab DevOps

What is a serverless architecture?

Serverless is a cloud systems architecture that depends on third-party services also know as (BaaS) – Backend as a service or they run on temporary container also known as (FaaS) – Function as a Service. They don’t involve any servers, virtual machines, or containers to provision or manage.

Using serverless developers need not worry about the servers as they will give their respective function to the service provider who will run their function on demand or on an event basis.

Saves Time & Overhead Costs

Serverless computing is based on ‘pay as you use’ model ṭhat's what makes it more interesting. You will be charged for the time your function is running and the number of times it is triggered. In this way, you can save a lot of money.

Event-based Compute Experience

Companies always worry about their infrastructure costs and servers when their Functions call rate become very high. As serverless operates on an event-driven basis, developers no longer have to rely on ops to test their code.

No worries about the machinery

Infrastructure as a Service assures developers that they can stop worrying about how many machines are needed at any given point of time, especially during peak hours, whether the machines are optimized enough and are the security measures tight enough.

Challenges in serverless applications at enterprise scale

DevOps for Serverless applications
Vendor Lock-In

The basic FaaS capability is available across clouds but you lose portability as soon as you integrate with other native services.

Higher latency

Serverless is request-driven and when a request is made, it triggers some services which take a few hundreds of milliseconds.

Mindset Shift

Starting a new project with serverless architecture while using outdated processes & resources is doomed from the outset.

PWSLab to the rescue


No vendor lock-in

PWSLab permits you to run your own FaaS on any infrastructure without the vendor lock-in of traditional cloud services.


Integration with Knative

PWSLab serverless can integrate with Knative to create a seamless epxerience for the entire DevOps lifecycle.


Auto Scaling

Kubernetes cluster automatically scales pods up and down based on load which stops consuming resources when there are no requests.

Benefits of PWSLab in Serverless Implementation

PWSLab allows businesses to deploy their own Serverless applications on any infrastructure managed through a single UI.

Unified Platform

Your FaaS is part of the same workflow as the rest of your software lifecycle with a single application from planning and testing, to deployment and monitoring.


No vendor lock-in

Organizations can choose who they want to run their computing. In any cloud that supports Kubernetes, or even on-premises servers.


Increased Collaboration

DevOps promotes collaboration between development and operations — a core mantra is “you build it, you run it,”


Streamlined Deployments

Deploying functions is greatly streamlined and simplified vs using Knative directly.

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