Continuous Delivery

Reduce release time from weeks and months to days or hours using PWSLab Continuous Delivery through Infrastructure as a Code
continuous delivery

Continuous Delivery

It is a DevOps software development practice where code changes are automatically built, tested, and prepared for a release to production. Continuous delivery lets developers automate testing beyond just unit tests so they can verify application updates across multiple dimensions before deploying to customers. These tests may include UI testing, load testing, integration testing, API reliability testing, etc.

Automate the Software Release Process

Continuous delivery lets your team automatically build, test, and prepare code changes for release to production so that your software delivery is more efficient and rapid.

Find and Address Bugs Quicker

Your team can discover and address bugs earlier before they grow into larger problems later with more frequent and comprehensive testing.

Deliver Updates Faster

When continuous delivery is implemented properly, you will always have a deployment-ready build artifact that has passed through a standardized test process.

Innovate faster through a high-speed Continuous Delivery pipeline

PWSLab software makes it easy to create a Continuous Delivery pipeline. Building on existing skills and technology stacks, PWSLab unifies the software delivery pipeline and automates tasks. No more wondering where a particular release is within the process if it failed, why and where improvements can be made. PWSLab offers visibility into every stage and task of the delivery pipeline.

PWSLab brings intelligence, automation, visibility, and control to your Continuous Delivery process, helping you reduce release time from weeks and months to days or hours.


Automation of release and deployment process

Automate the software delivery and deployment processes without miles of scripts to write and maintain.


Metrics to prove the instant value

Measure performance based on critical, real-time data. Use metrics to iterate your process, make performance gains and limit failures.


Enforcement of compliance and controls

Enforce the processes you define, including permissions for tasks and fine grain controls for security and compliance requirements.


Visibility into release pipelines

With PWS, gain real-time insight into every step of the software pipeline. Easily see release status across your pipelines.


Easy to use for technical and non-technical teams

Create a unified process for technical and less technical DevOps team members. Quickly learn the tool regardless of your technical skill level.

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