Release Management

Transform your existing release process to support DevOps and Continuous Delivery

Release Management

PWS solutions offer DevOps and Application teams a way to finally integrate the management and execution of releases and provide a path to fully automated delivery pipelines and faster delivery of software.

Use PWS release to manage your release pipelines and integrate security steps as a key part of the release process.

  • Allow all involved teams to plan, track and execute releases from a single interface.
  • Include both manual and automated tasks so your teams can start running your existing release plans in minutes.
  • Identify inefficient and error-prone stages in your release flow to ensure process improvements and automation deliver the biggest possible benefit.


PWS allows you to easily define and run delivery pipelines for high security and full compliance scenarios, with templates for decoupled release trains, coordinated master and sub-releases, and other advanced release patterns.

Now deliver software faster and with less risk!