Release Management

Transform your existing release process through DevOps and Automation
release management

Release Management

PWSLab solutions offer DevOps and Application teams a way to finally integrate the management and execution of releases and provide a path to fully automated delivery pipelines and faster delivery of software.

Use PWSLab release to manage your release pipelines and integrate security steps as a key part of the release process.

  • Allow all involved teams to plan, track and execute releases from a single interface.
  • Include both manual and automated tasks so your teams can start running your existing release plans in minutes.
  • Identify inefficient and error-prone stages in your release flow to ensure process improvements and automation deliver the biggest possible benefit.


PWSLab allows you to easily define and run delivery pipelines for high security and full compliance scenarios, with templates for decoupled release trains, coordinated master and sub-releases, and other advanced release patterns.

Identify and fix problems before they delay the release

Team notifications, progress tracking, and conflict detection allow all teams involved in the release to identify and fix problems before they reach the crisis-level.


From release spreadsheet to delivery pipeline

We know that “Come back once you’ve automated everything!” is not a feasible approach in an enterprise environment. Our solution allows you to quickly get started with your current manual or partially automated release process.

status calls

No more early morning status calls

Allow all teams involved in the release to see the current status of tasks, communicate with other team members, review completed actions and analyze the logs of all executed tasks. No more catch up calls to find out what went on.

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