Containerised Deployments

Scale enterprise deployments using containerised deployment with Docker Support, Container Registry and automated pipelines.

Containerised Deployments

Containerised Deployments is a method of operating system virtualization that allows you to run an application and its dependencies in resource-isolated processes. It allow you to easily package an application’s code, configurations, and dependencies into easy to use building blocks that deliver environmental consistency, operational efficiency, developer productivity, and version control.

Operational Efficiency

They can help you get more from your computing resources by allowing to you easily run multiple applications on the same instance.

Version Control

You can track versions of your application code and their dependencies using containers.

Developer Productivity

Increase developer productivity by removing cross-service dependencies and conflicts using containers

PWSLab lets you handle multi-container and hybrid deployments - and multiple interdependent release pipelines - with ease.
  • Scale up to deploy thousands of containers in a repeatable and secure way
  • Centralize application and configuration data to avoid platform lock-in
  • Standardize release and deployment processes across teams, applications, and platforms

Standardize Container Deployments

PWSLab provides the most advanced deployment automation available today, automating and standardizing complex deployments to any target environment.
Standardization of release and deployment processes
Compliance, security, reporting, and audit trail
easy management
Collaborate across the enterprise

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