Cloud Migration

PWSLab Infrastructure as a Code, automates migration to any cloud infrastructure of your choice like AWS, Azure or GCP.

Shifting to the cloud environment

Easy access to public cloud technologies and ready-to-go infrastructures foster a common misconception: moving to the cloud will not only provide more flexible and scalable infrastructure at a lower cost, but it will also accelerate the delivery of applications to the customer. Implementing software delivery in the public, private or hybrid cloud requires an application delivery and release strategy that is efficient, safe and can scale across the enterprise.

Simplification, standardization & speed

Eliminate scripting, reduce duplicate work, and promote configuration reuse by standardizing processes.

Monitor, manage & move at will

Get visibility into the frequency and duration of deployments to the cloud through detailed reports.

Maintain enterprise control

Bake security into the software delivery process, combine automated and manual security checks for powerful control over cloud configurations.

Essential Considerations before shifting to cloud

  • Lift and shift applications to the cloud efficiently
  • Standardize hybrid deployments from cloud to containers to the mainframe
  • Deploy thousands of applications to cloud environments in a repeatable and secure way
  • Keep scripting under control and effectively manage cloud configurations
  • Ensure compliance and security procedures are followed

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