DevSecOps for Continuous Delivery

Bring DevOps and Security together to enforce security and risk management best practices

How can you release great software fast, without compromising security?

DevOps and Continuous Delivery practices lead to increased automation and accelerated releases, but the teams driving these initiatives often fail to bring Security and Risk Management teams to the table early enough.

Manual and automatic quality checks

Build security testing into each step in the software delivery pipeline. It’s also easy to set up quality gates and approval checkpoints throughout your release pipelines.

Automatic audit trail

Automatically collect and maintain evidence for audits and present it with ease in a single system of record for the end-to-end release process.

Enforce role-based access control

PWS DevOps Platform has role-based access control that provides granular permissions for all release and deployment tasks.

Centralize management of infrastructure

PWS gives you a single place to manage infrastructure and environment configuration data, so you can more easily control access to target systems.

Enhance Release Pipeline Security with PWS

To ensure security steps become an immutable, trackable part of the process without getting in the way, enterprise IT teams rely on the PWS DevOps Platform to manage, automate, and control the complete application delivery pipeline.

Stay updated

You’ll gain visibility into the status of every software component at any time, and audit trails are automatically captured.

Security in release process

As you release more often and more quickly, you’ll need a platform like PWS to integrate security steps as a part of the release process.

Respond quickly

Armed with audit trails and full visibility into both development changes and environment status, you’ll be able to respond quickly.

Deliver better software faster and with less risk!