DevOps with Kubernetes

Automated container deployment, scaling, and management

Why DevOps with Kubernetes?

Kubernetes helps to reduce config-variables and time-consuming setup and maintenance task which are boon for developers, sys-admin and other teams. It can be proved to be a game-changer for QA and testers because it reduces risk and increases efficiency.

Kubernetes is much needed in today’s software development culture because the shift of the digital wave has made software architecture much complex, written in various technologies and run on multiple environments followed by many iterations.

Simple updates

Delivering software continuously calls for the application updates on a constant and streamlined basis. Kubernetes can help with it, as container orchestration can be easy to apply any updates to the application.

Multiple frameworks

In Kubernetes, applications can be colocated on the same machines without impacting each other. This means that tasks from multiple users can be packed tightly onto fewer machines.

Scaling Services

As the product grows, you have to scale both your software and teams working on it. Kubernetes achieves scalability by favoring decoupled architectures.

Operational Challenge in DevOps for Kubernetes at enterprise scale

PWSLab Kubernetes
Constantly Evolving Landscape

It is difficult to keep pace with the constant enhancements in the community and all related services.

Multi-cloud management

The challenge is amplified with the need to manage Kubernetes across several on-premises data-centers and cloud environments.

Talent scarcity

Hiring and retaining in-demand Kubernetes operational expertise is difficult.

PWSLab to the rescue


Updates & Rollbacks with kubernetes

The kubernetes environment suits the CI/CD workflow perfectly. When newer pods are added, the existing pods are not generally replaced, instead, they are updated.


Design, Implement and Managed Kubernetes

We design, deploy and manage cluster based containers systems. We provide managed services, assessment and readiness services to define capabilities.


Multi-Cloud and Multi-Region Solutions

PWSLab services for building multi-cloud solutions. It provides cloud-native applications migrations with lift and shift model with refactoring.

Benefits of PWSLab in Kubernetes Implementation

PWSLab helps enterprises realize the greatest possible impact of Kubernetes. Together we can cut software development cycles in half and improve resource utilization up to 80%.

Foundation of cloud native apps

It allows us to derive maximum utility from containers and build cloud-native applications that can run anywhere.


Better infrastructure framework

It eliminates infrastructure lock-in by providing core capabilities for containers without imposing restrictions.


Better Management

It takes containerization to the next level, making it even easier for developers who are part of DevOps teams to manage containers.


Deployment at a scale

Software can be deployed for the first time in a scale-out manner across Pods, and deployments can be scaled in or out at any time.

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